Friends of IHES, Inc. warmly thanks the organizations and individuals that have supported it over the years.

Major donors

+ $ 10 000 000
The Simons Foundation

$ 1 000 000 – $ 4 999 999$
Philippe & Claire-Lise Tondeur
David & Florence Faucon
Alex Gerko
The John and Cynthia Reed Foundation

Friends of IHES would like to extend special thanks to all the sponsors and benefactors who supported the 2023 Gala on Jazz & Physics:

Gala underwriter
Simons Foundation International, Ltd.

Premier sponsor
Societe Generale

Jump Trading
David Faucon
XTX Markets
BNP Paribas
Bristol Assurances
Michael R. & Nina Douglas
Ross Garon
Kavita Shah & Benjamin Servenay
Farida Khelfa & Henri Seydoux

William R. Hearst, III

Auction donations
SETI Institute
Stephon Alexander & Will Calhoun
X, The Moonshot Factory

Guest speaker
Stephon Alexander

Guest performers
Will Calhoun
Santi Debriano
Hector Martignon

Master of ceremonies
Marcus G. Miller

Lydia Fenet

Gala Friends
Rama Cont
Julien Dubuis
Pinar Emirdag
Eleanor Gimon
Carolyn & Keith Hilles-Pilant
Sergiu Klainerman
Monique & Scott Miller
Amal Moussa
Nikita Nekrasov & Nina Mikhailyuk
Vasily Pestun
Nicolas Poitevin & Juliana Ruecker
Zachary Richards
Philippe Roncati
Fadi Saibi
Amy Salcido
Michael & Denise Smith
Peter Svrcek
Holly & Daniel Totouom-Tangho
David Vanden Bout
Margaret Wright
Chris Cozzone

Friends of IHES would also like to thank all the donors who made a contribution towards the endowment fund during the gala.