Friends of IHES goes to California

Friends of IHES will take part in a series of events on March 30 and 31, in San Francisco, California.

On Thursday, March 30, Friends of IHES will host an exclusive dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, in the presence of Frédéric Jung, Consul General of France, as well as of Marilyn and Jim Simons, co-Chairs of Friends of IHES and co-founders of the Simons Foundation, and of Emmanuel Ullmo, director of IHES.

Emmanuel Candès, Barnum-Simons Chair in Mathematics and Statistics, Professor of electrical engineering, member of the Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University, and regular visiting professor at IHES, will be the keynote speaker for the evening.

On Friday, March 31st, writer and performer Gioia De Cari will present her award-winning play “Truth Values” at Théâtre Erick Moreau, followed by a panel discussion. De Cari’s play offers a humorous and insightful look at the challenges of being a professional woman in a male-dominated field and is inspired by her own experience as a Master’s student in mathematics at MIT.

Marilyn Simons, Emille Lawrence, Associate Professor at the University of San Francisco, and Tatiana Toro, Director of the Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute and Professor at the University of Washington, will be part of the panel that will follow the play.

The event is organized by the French Consulate in San Francisco and by the French International School of San Francisco as part their Women’s History Month initiatives.

It is still possible to purchase tickets for Gioa De Cari’s play here.

These gatherings will be great occasions for Friends of IHES to build ties and strengthen bonds with its network on the West Coast and create more occasions for collaborations and partnership, which Friends of IHES looks forward to developing further.

Photo © Rich Niewiroski Jr. 2007