Baroness Ingrid Daubechies is awarded the Wolf Prize

Mathematician and theoretical physicist, Baroness Ingrid Daubechies, James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University, has been awarded the 2023 Wolf Prize of the Wolf Foundation. This award acknowledges her work in the creation and development of wavelet theory and applied harmonic analysis.

Prof. Daubechies developed mathematical methods with tremendous applications to digital signal processing and image compression, that have had an important impact on medical and communications technologies.

She visited IHES several times in the past and in 2018 she gave a series of four lectures on “Time-Frequency Localization and Applications” at the Institute, as part of the “Leçons Hadamard” organized every year by the Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard at IHES.

She has also taken part in some of the events organized by Friends of IHES in the United States and was the guest speaker at the 2015 Friends of IHES Gala on maths and games of chance.

Several renowned scientists have received the Wolf Prize in the past, including mathematicians close to IHES such as former permanent professors Mikhail Gromov, Pierre Deligne and Dennis Sullivan, but also Jacques Tits, John Tate and Jean-Pierre Serre. Prof. Daubechies is the first woman to be awarded the Wolf Prize in mathematics. 

Friends of IHES and IHES warmly congratulate Ingrid Daubechies on receiving this very prestigious award, which recognizes the groundbreaking importance of her contributions to mathematics and its applications.

The Wolf Prize was created in 1979 by the Wolf Foundation. It is awarded annually to prominent scientists and artists from around the world for their achievements and contributions in the interest of humanity. The scientific categories recognized by the prize are Medicine, Agriculture, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

Prize announcement by the Wolf Foundation