IHES and Friends of IHES celebrate the end of a successful fundraising campaign

IHES and Friends of IHES are delighted to announce the end of the Institute’s third fundraising campaign, “IHES, at the Avant-Garde of Science”.

Launched in 2018 to mark the Institute’s 60th anniversary, the campaign allowed to raise €55m, thus going beyond the initial €50m target.

The money raised has funded important projects such as the creation of new positions for junior professors, of new chairs for visiting researchers, as well as of PhD studentships and post-doctoral fellowships. The IHES campus can also count a brand new building, the “Bâtiment Alix & Marwan Lahoud”, and several accommodations at the Ormaille residence, where most of the Institute’s researchers live, have been renewed.

By supporting Friends of IHES, American institutions and individuals have contributed €3.6m to this campaign, a remarkable result! IHES and Friends of IHES wished to thank all donors at a private dinner that took place on Thursday, November 3rd at the Harvard Club of New York. Keynote speaker David Spergel presented a fascinating talk entitled “Searching for the Topology of the Universe”, and the guests could also enjoy a video presenting 2022 Fields Medalist Hugo Duminil-Copin.