Christine Lagarde for Women in Fundamental Research

The 2021 Friends of IHES Gala on Women in Fundamental Research took place yesterday, November 16, and it was a great celebration of women in science, technology and finance.

Emcee actress, singer and playwright Gioia De Cari, keynote speaker astrophysicist Janna Levinand, and guest of honor Marilyn Simons, founder of the Simons Foundation, shared their knowledge and their experience to help raise funds to support IHES and make it more inclusive.

During the evening the guests at the Lotte New York Palace and those who connected online were made the great honor to receive a personal message from Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank.

In her video, President Lagarde highlights the importance of encouraging more women to thrive in any disciplines and stresses how more gender balanced working groups benefit from richer perspectives and a more diverse environment.

President Lagarde also congratulates Marilyn Simons and acknowledges the important efforts made by the Simons Foundation to support basic science.

Watch Christine Lagarde’s video message: