Countdown to the 2021 Friends of IHES Gala: Interview with Erica Flapan (Week-3)

The 2021 Friends of IHES Gala is taking place in just three weeks, on November 16, both in New York and online. This year we will celebrate Women in Fundamental Research and raise funds that will support initiatives that will encourage more women to come to IHES. In preparation for this momentous event, we have asked women researchers related to IHES to share their point of view and experience, particularly at the Institute.

This week we publish the second in the “Voices of Women at IHES” video series, an interview with Erica Flapan.

Prof. Flapan is an American mathematician, Professor emeritus at Pomona College, California. She is also an inaugural Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), and has been the Editor in Chief of the Notices of the AMS since 2019. During her career, she has been awarded several distinctions, and in particular the M. Gweneth Humphreys Award by the Association for Women in Mathematics in recognition of her devotion to mentoring women.

In this video, Prof. Flapan shares her memories of being a visitor at IHES and more generally she shares insights about her experience and career as a female mathematician. She also explains why mentoring was, and still is, important for her.

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