Countdown to the 2021 Friends of IHES Gala: Interview with Sylvie Retailleau (Week-5)

The 2021 Friends of IHES Gala that is taking place, in NYC and online, on November 16, will celebrate Women in Fundamental Research. To prepare for this special occasion, we have asked women researchers related to IHES to share their point of view and experience, particularly at the Institute.

The first in the “Voices of Women at IHES” video series is an interview with Sylvie Retailleau, a French physicist and the President of Université Paris-Saclay, of which IHES is a proud founding member. Having had a multifaceted career, first as a researcher and as a university professor, and then as a top-manager at one of the best ranked universities worldwide, she shares in this video her vision of IHES and explains why the issue of gender diversity and inclusion in science is so crucial. She also reflects on initiatives that can be implemented to improve the situation.