A quiz on the history of maths

Do you know after whom the equation that many consider to be the most beautiful in mathematics is named? Or how many women have won the Fields Medal since it was awarded for the first time in 1936?

You will get the chance to answer these and many other questions in a quiz realized by IHES, which will be an occasion to test your knowledge and learn more about the history of mathematics and the Institute in a fun way.

By offering you this quiz, IHES is taking part in the #GivingTuesday initiative, the worldwide movement that encourages generosity and sharing.

Stay connected with IHES on its website and social networks to participate in this initiative and help us spread the spirit of #GivingTuesday. You too will have the opportunity to unleash your generosity and contribute to the advancement of research in mathematics and theoretical physics by making a gift to Friends of IHES.

On December 1st (starting in the morning right after midnight, French time), the first person to donate 300€ (or $300 for US residents) or more will receive a copy of ‘A history of IHES‘, a book retracing the first 60 years of the history of IHES through images and historical texts, explained and commented by Anne-Sandrine Paumier and Josselin Blieck, two historians who worked on the Institute’s archives.

On December 1st, let us celebrate together our passion for mathematics and sharing. Join us online and take the quiz of IHES!