Sixty years of history of IHES

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, IHES wanted to highlight the treasures of its archives by gathering them in a book.

Anne-Sandrine Paumier, a science historian and specialist in French mathematical life, and Josselin Blieck, a historian and archivist, worked together to write this book. During several months, they had access to all available public documents but also to all the archives still unpublished.

The book was also enhanced by the insights of numerous actors, including researchers and historians, of the history of the Institute, especially Barry Mazur, a renowed mathematician and IHES visitor since the early years, who wrote the preface.

Marie Caillat, then Director of communications and development of the Institute, followed up and carried this project through its completion.

The production of this book was made possible thanks to the financial support of Société Générale. “A history of IHES” has obtained the patronage of UNESCO.

This book is not meant for sale but we suggest that you discover here the table of contents as well as the chapter on « the community of IHES ».