Countdown to the 2021 Friends of IHES Gala: Interview with Fanny Kassel (Week-1)

The 2021 Friends of IHES gala on Women in Fundamental Research is taking place in just a week, on November 16.

In preparation for the gala, as part of a video series entitles “Voices of Women at IHES”, we collected testimonies from women mathematicians and scientists related to IHES.

This week we share an interview with Fanny Kassel, a French mathematician and CNRS research director at IHES, which she joined in 2016. Her research interests include discrete subgroups of Lie groups, geometry and dynamics. Her contributions have been acknowledged by the CNRS Bronze Medal in mathematics in 2015, an ERC Starting Grant in 2016 for her project “Discrete groups and geometric structures”, and an invitation to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro in 2018. 

In this video, Kassel shares her experience as a researcher at IHES and explains how important it is for mathematicians to be able to exchange ideas, both in formal and informal ways. She also describes why she loves her work and encourages other women to follow her path if they are passionate about fundamental research like she is.

Join us on November 16, to hear more testimonies from prominent mathematicians and scientists, and celebrate women in Fundamental research. While guests and speakers will gather in New York City, for the first time in its history the Friends of IHES gala will also include a one-hour long virtual component which everyone can attend online, for free.

Register to the Friends of IHES virtual gala.